Information | Welcome to Zhejiang University teachers and students to visit Xiangyang Bio

At 2 pm on October 19, 2018, the team of teachers and students led by Zhejiang University teachers, accompanied by Li Haoqiang, general manager of Xiangyang, and Wei Weiwei, manager, visited the company. General Manager Li Haoqiang gave a detailed explanation on the company's development status and product services. Wei Weiwei led the team of teachers and students to visit the company's laboratory.


General Manager Li Haoqiang 

introduced the development of biomedicine and the construction of enterprises in recent years


The manager of the park, Pan Huawei, 

gave a detailed introduction to the operation of the park and the cultivation of enterprises during the incubation period


General Manager Li Haoqiang gave a detailed 

introduction to the development of Fuyang Biotechnology and product technology


Wei Weiwei led the teacher and classmates to visit the company laboratory


After the event, everyone took a group photo

The visit was successfully concluded. I would like to thank the teachers and students of Zhejiang University for their support and love for Xiangyang. At the same time, more teachers and students from the school are welcome to visit our company. Fuyang Bio will be based in China and practice the enterprise spirit of “listening to deep cultivation and opening up and win-win”, and strive to build a modern enterprise with outstanding industry status and advanced management.