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Six kinds of social insurance and a housing fund

In addition to the "five social insurances and one housing fund" stipulated by the state, the company purchases supplementary commercial insurance for you to give you the most complete protection.

Rich holidays

Double cease day, Annual leave, Sick leave, National legal holiday, Seniority leave, Flexible working system.

Physical examination

The company provides free the entry examination and annual examination.

Shuttle bus

Commute by shuttle bus.

Free working meal

Free lunch is provided on weekdays.

Comfortable working environment

The company provides comfortable and safe working environment for employees, including pantry and gym.

Temporary accommodation

The company provides temporary accommodation for employees who do not have a room.

Passionate team

Passionate Team

After an average age of 90, the team is young and energetic.

Team Building

The company organizes group building activities and annual tours from time to time.

Cultural Activity

Birthday surprise, entry commemoration, annual conference, holiday benefits.

Normative management

Implement an efficient flat management model,
The management atmosphere is rigorous and lively.

a sound institutional system,
The approval process is fully electronic.

Focus on your development
The company provides employees with a plan that is suitable for career development.
Every year, the company organizes business backbone to go out for study and investigation, so as to broaden the vision of employees and increase their knowledge.
The company provides job training services to employees(including job skills training, corporate culture training, computer training, outdoor development, etc.).
All employees can participate in the company's internal recruitment. The company provides employees with good career promotion and development opportunities.