Hangzhou Haoyang Biopharm Co. Ltd

Hangzhou Hao Yang Biopharm Co. Ltd. was established in November 2015 and is a technical service company specializing in the development of antibodies and recombinant protein drugs. The company has nearly 7,500 square meters of R&D and office space in Hangzhou headquarters and Shanghai branch.


Fuyang Biology provides new drug research and development services and has a technical platform such as stable cell plant development, cell fermentation technology development, purification technology development, analysis method development, formulation formulation development, and trial production. Since its establishment, the company has provided biomedical technology research and development services for a number of new drug research and development companies at home and abroad, and at the same time reached strategic cooperation with several pharmaceutical listed companies. The company's first co-developed antibody drug also entered the clinical declaration stage in the first half of 2018.

In August 2018, the company completed 50 million yuan A round of financing. This funding is used to further expand the R&D team and further improve the capacity of clinical pre-pharmaceutical research. Provide pre-clinical drug development services for global biopharmaceutical companies and biotechnology companies, speed up the research and development process, and reduce overall costs.

Hoyang Biology is committed to promoting progress in the field of biomedicine through the development of new drugs and realizing the entrepreneurial goal of innovation for the people and science and technology for the benefit of the people. Based on China, the company practices the spirit of "listening to deep cultivation and win-win development" and strives to build a prominent position in the industry and manage    advanced modern enterprises.

Hangzhou Headquarters Building