EFFICIENT Antibody Development Platform


New Drug Development Services

Hangzhou Healsun Biopharm Co.,Lt ,established in November 2015,is a startup bio-company focusing on therapeutic antibody development.

HealSun' s services are designed to help our customers better understand their candidates,shorten the development time and save the cost.

Molecular structure design and production

Begin investigation of molecular potential drug problems from sequence analysis;

Evaluation of candidate drug molecules

Candidate antibody sequences were analyzed to exclude significant sequence defects. One-step affinity purification was used to obtain protein samples for drug resistance analysis, including aggregation degree, hydrophilicity, temperature stability, pI, acid-base peak ratio and determination and analysis of glycemic molecular weight. Provide evaluation report.

Humanized design of antibodies

Appropriate humanized VH and VL were designed according to the mouse antibody sequence, and appropriate pairs and combinations were selected for antibody expression purification, hominization antibody dissociation constant screening and preliminary analysis of candidates formation. Provide evaluation report.

Development of Antibody Drug Coupling

According to the knowledge and experience, antibodies and cytotoxic compounds were conjugated to prepare ADC sample conjugated products, which were purified in an appropriate way to make the samples meet the experimental requirements of customers.


Our Advantages

Hangzhou haoyang biotechnology co., ltd. was established in
2015 and was recognized in 2016  Zhejiang province as a small
and medium-sized technology enterprises.


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